4 Simple Prayers

Praying is good for both the mind and the soul, even if you’re an Athiest. I am not going to tell you who or what you should believe. Prayer is open to all and crosses religious boundaries. 

You don’t need a dimly lit room with harps playing in the background. It doesn’t have to be mystical; the heavens won’t part. You probably won’t get an audible response.

A prayer can be as simple as saying one sentence with your eyes open while you go about your day. You can say it in your head or out loud – it’s up-to you. You can do it wherever you want.  

I can remember being in the middle of a chaotic shift at McDonald’s several times and praying, “Please help me get through this shift.” The “sea of customers” didn’t part, the workload didn’t change, but somehow knowing I had prayed helped me work my way through the situation. It gave me a sense of peace and calm, much like what I felt after meditation

Prayer gives you peace about the situations you find yourself in and the things you cannot change about those situations. 

Here Are 4 Types of Prayers You Can Use

The “Help me” prayer – when you find yourself stuck, out of your depth, and desperate. This prayer doesn’t change your external environment immediately, it gives you a better clarity about what you’re dealing with.

The “What should I do” prayer when you’re weighing up two or more very different options. Often people will ask for a sign. I believe this opens you up to be more receptive to things that you would otherwise not consider.

The “Help someone else” prayer when your mind is occupied with the wellbeing of another person. A friend, family member, or total stranger. Even when you’re struggling with that person. A simple “please bless (insert name), give them (insert ability/feeling) in this situation”. For example “please bless Katie, give her confidence as she goes through today”

The “Thank you” prayer is important for the good times. There is so much to be thankful for. Often, where you are now is a result of things you have been working on in the past. Pausing and giving thanks for this is important. 

Say a Prayer Today

I would like to encourage you to stop and say a simple prayer at some point today. Remember, just like brushing your teeth, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You may not see the effects straight away, but you will be better off for it.

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