Run to the airport from Upper Hutt – first 42km

This all started as a joke on holiday, and because I hadn’t yet earned the Marathon Badge in the Nike Running App.

I mentioned to Karl, kind of jokingly, that I had this crazy idea to run to the airport from Upper Hutt so I could get the badge.  

Next thing you know we are talking logistics, possible weekends, where we would we stop for drinks and what would we carry. Before you know it a passing comment had turned into a plan and on March 17 at 6:42 am we left Upper Hutt on foot for the Airport. 

The families drove to meet us there, they both actually passed us in the final km’s giving us a toot and yelling out the window. It was amazing how this spurred us on. We had bagels and coffee at the airport while the kids watched the planes, and then we drove home. 

Check it out on Strava if you’re interested