I’m Taking a Mini-Retirement… in Upper Hutt!

At the start of this week I announced, I‘m taking the rest of the year off. Tim Ferriss introduces the concept of a mini-retirement in his book ‘Four Hour Work Week’ (aka 4HWW). Here’s the basic idea. “Tim argues that instead of deferring retirement to the end of our careers, we would be happier, more … Read more

vlog #001 Taking the Rest of the Year Off…

VLOG #001

As well as my regular post to www.boundlessblog.nz I am going to start posting some of these little videos.

Clearly, my camera, editing, and acting skills are pretty limited, but rather than spending hours procrastinating and “learning” how to do it I decided to jump right into the deep end and give it a go. This should be fun…

Strive for progress, not perfection 🙂

Corporate Life vs Self Employment

Trapper, the cowboy shooter,

Introduction from Josh: Wayne Chapman, aka Trapper, as he is known in cowboy shooting circles is my awesome Dad. He’s been encouraging me in business as early as primary school. As an example, when I was about 10 he helped printing flyers for a little lawn mowing business, to fundraise for my rugby trip. From … Read more